At Moonee Ponds Myotherapy, our knowledgeable and highly trained myotherapists treat not only the symptoms to give you relief; we are committed to addressing the underlying cause of the problem to give you effective on-going results.

We can help anyone from the finely tuned athlete, to the typical middle-aged office worker, to the retired lawn bowls champion and everyone in between.

Myotherapy consultations typically include orthopaedic testing and detailed history taking to assess your condition and to give additional insight into your case study. Myotherapy and Remedial treatment are almost always hands on through a varied treatment approach. We also involve you in the treatment process! Yes, this may mean some homework exercises or stretches, but we keep it realistic. Getting you on board with us commonly means a faster recovery for you.

These above steps allow us to provide the most effective Myotherapy treatment to get you away from aches and pains and have you return to doing what you love most.


Osteopathy is a complementary medicine in which emphasizes the link between the structure of the body and its functions. Osteopathy treatment takes a holistic approach, focusing on not just the symptomatic area but also investigating the original cause of the pain.

Through comprehensive diagnosis and assessment, osteopaths are able to establish the dysfunction and work with the patient to create a treatment plan to address their issue.

Osteopaths use a variety of techniques such as massage, articulation and mobilisation.



Sports massage is a specialised form of massage therapy which focuses on enhancing athletic performance and improving post-event recovery for professional or amateur athletes.




Remedial massage is a therapeutic deep tissue massage that can treat muscular problems and injuries. This allows more movements through muscles and joints for a more flexible, better feeling body.





Dry needling is a treatment technique in which an acupuncture needle is inserted into a trigger point to stimulate blood flow within a muscle to reduce pain and inflammation and promote healing




Specialised massage mattress, allows pregnant women to comfortably lie on their belly/front. Pregnant mums finally get to enjoy the experience lying face down. ….Ahhhh